In 1994 I investigated personal tension removal and launched into years of massage tool experimentation in response to many muscular skeletal issues and the unhealthy pattern of storing emotional stress in my neck/back region. Indeed, the product development process for Halo DIY Massage Tools™ was my personal liberating wellness odyssey.

Today I am no longer burdened by constant stiffness or bewildering muscle strain. Both my chronic left (frozen) and right (tennis) shoulders are fully recovered, lower back is fixed, mid-back on both sides are no longer stiff, my natural range of movement has extended and I am considerably more calm.

I have retrospectively learned that most chronic muscular tension is avoidable, solvable and removable. I also learned that massage tools can be applied to specific areas to trigger sleep which I’ve done many hundreds of times. My stiffness problems have transformed into zones of therapeutic pleasure.

My massage tools resolved all my muscular issues. It was only after this that I realized they can for you too.

by Dean Frenkel
Halo DIY Massage Tools™