Instruction videos are currently being prepared

Thai Muscle Tool™

(shiatsu, deep tissue, Thai massage and roller)
The Thai Muscle Tool enables deep tissue massage when the large ball is leaned on as a power base while the smaller ball is applied. It is modelled on the power of kinetic energy.

  • It can be applied behind the back/shoulders leaning against a hard surface (like a couch rest).
  • The tool can be turned around with the large ball being applied to muscle (like knee-force).
  • It can also be applied with one or both hands to the sides of the shoulder/neck region.
  • It can be applied as a roller.

Happy Tool™

(double massage cradle)

  • The Happy Tool™ can be positioned against a hard backing (like a car seat) with the large balls stable and resting inside the back of the shoulder blades with the smaller balls above them.
  • Positioned as a pivot with the big balls providing a base of support, the spine in the middle and the smaller balls penetrating the muscle-area. You can press into them, allow the tool to cradle moving up and down.
  • Positioned with the small balls providing support while the big balls are applied to muscle.
  • Can assist getting to sleep if positioned with the little balls either side of the head/neck and the big balls stable into the pillow.


Nirvana Tool™

(multi-purpose massage tool - pinpoint, deep tissue and roller)

  • Enables pinpoint massage to numerous locations (head, neck. shoulders, knees…)
  • If turned around (with the bigger ball against the muscle) it enables deep tissue massage.
  • As a roller – especially rolled between the shoulder and side of the neck.
  • Fixed against a hard backing behind the back or the neck.


Mega Roller™

  • The Mega Roller™ can be positioned horizontally against the entire range of the lower back to the span of the shoulders. The options include the many degrees of leaning or wriggling from side to side.
  • It can be positioned vertically - especially on one side of the body from the lower to the mid/upper back.
  • It can remain in the same resonant position for longer periods of time as the muscles relax around it (which makes it brilliant whilst driving).